To grow in scale, businesses need capital and capital raising is dependent on the fundamental strength of the business. Businesses become investible when they have a unique value proposition, are able to maintain that proposition with scale and increased competition, have the right management bandwidth and organizational design.

AbRe understands the intrinsic relationship between Strength of Business and Equity Funding. Hence, we provide Strategic & Transformative Management Consulting to strengthen businesses and raise equity capital for all stages of businesses growth from Seed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth Capital to IPO.

We believe that being open to possibilities can create a unique value proposition in any business at any stage, attractive enough for investors to back it, thus truly unleashing the potential of the business. To the businesses, we ensure growth and success. To the Investors, we assure that behind every investment proposal, there is a sound business.


Capital Advisory

Our Capital Advisory practice is unique as it emanates from within the strength of businesses, executed by highly experienced investment banking professionals with deep expertise in all transaction advisory. Our team has connect and reach to over 10,000 investors across VCFs, PEs, Primary market participants and the entire eco-system of IPO and private fund raising.


Strategy Consulting

Every business can make incremental changes and bring about some improvements. To truly transform a business and scale it up, it needs an overhaul of its core systems and some bold decisions. Our Strategy Consulting team is passionate about harnessing business and organizational change that will help your business take a big leap. We help you strengthen your business and make it scalable while developing business and transformative strategies and creating processes to implement those strategies.


Tell Us Your


There is a way and we will find it for you. Let us know the constraint that is inhibiting your business to realize its true potential and we will contact you to start the winning journey.

Knowledge corner

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Acquiring latest knowledge and its application is the key differentiator. Through our monthly newsletter, we present the latest in the world of business management and key strategies giving shape to successful businesses. Insights from the world of investing with sectors where investors are finding value, funding trends and benchmark deals.

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